Learn witchcraft. Beautifully.

Moody Moon's introductory course in magic and spellcraft teaches the basics of modern witchcraft with beautiful imagery, insightful commentary, and interactive learning.

We produce elegant, high-end coursework designed to inspire your learning experience and grow your skill set.

Our signature design aesthetic makes learning as pleasing to your senses as it is to the soul. 

Take your first step down the enchanted path of spell craft and create a spiritual practice that is as unique as you are.

The basics & beyond.

Starting a magical practice is like building a new house in an unknown land. Learning the landscape and building a solid foundation begin with the basics.

Make Your Life Magical

One sprinkle of fairy dust at a time.

What is modern magic? How is different from ancient magic? Is it a science? A religion? An artform? How do you cast a spell? Do I need an altar? What tools should I work with? If these are questions you've asked yourself, this class has answers. More importantly, we'll teach you how to find your own answers.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Foundations of Modern Witchcraft

    • Discover the Magic In You

    • What is Modern Witchcraft?

    • Ancient Magic vs. Modern Witchcraft

    • Solitary Witch vs. Coven Witch

    • Finding Your Path

    • Flashcards: Foundations of Modern Witchcraft

    • Test: Unit 1

  • 2

    Seasonal Living: Turning the Wheel of the Year

    • Wheel of the Year: Turn, Turn, Turn

    • Moon Phases

    • Natural Living Practices for Witches

    • Flashcards: Wheel of the Year

    • Flashcards: Moon Phases

    • Test: Unit 2

  • 3

    From Altars to Chalices: The Basics

    • Key Terms and Concepts

    • Tools Commonly Used in Witchcraft

    • 6 Essential Gemstones

    • 8 Essential Herbs

    • How to Set Up & Use an Altar

    • Flashcards: Key Terms and Concepts

    • Flashcards: Herbs

    • Flashcards: Common Tools in Witchcraft

    • Flashcards: Gemstones

    • Test: Unit 3

  • 4

    The Foundations of Spell Casting

    • The Ethics of Spell Craft

    • Basic Spell Modalities

    • 7 Simple Steps to Spell Casting

    • How to Make a Spell Candle From Unscented Tea Candles

    • How to Make a Money Drawing Spell Bag

    • How to Make and Burn Loose Incense for Spell Craft