Sea Witch 101

Sea witchery, aka "mermaid magic," harnesses the power and beauty of the ocean for healing, spellcraft, and spiritual awakening. Connect your magical practice to the majesty of the sea with this introductory course in wild water magic.
Sea witch online course:  An Introduction to Mermaid Magic

Evoking Your Inner Mermaid

The ocean and its salty waters move through all of us, returning to the source for renewal. Learn to call on the spirit of the water to balance your personal energy and create powerful magic. It begins with deepening your relationship with this dynamic force, then shaping it to channel your intentions---and allowing it to shape you, too.

Where the Ocean Meets the Land of Magic

In this online, self-paced course, you will learn:

-How to connect with the ocean through meditation

-The basic tools of a sea witch, and how to use them

-How to set up a sea witch altar and stay connected to the ocean even if you live far from it

-Balancing the energies and elements of the ocean in ritual

-How to put the entities and spirits of the ocean into the context of modern witchcraft

-Some simples spells and rituals to take your first baby steps into sea witchery

Sea Witch 101 Trailer

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Sea Witchery

    • Trailer

    • What is a sea witch?

    • Can you be a sea witch if you don't live near the ocean?

    • Sea Witch 5-Minute Meditation

    • Suggested Activities

  • 2

    Spell Tools of the Sea Witch

    • What makes something magical?

    • Seashells

    • Sand

    • Sea Salt

    • Ocean Water

    • Other Random Items

    • Flashcards (Unit I)

    • Quiz

  • 3

    Mermaids & Madmen: Sacred Spirits of the Ocean

    • Finding Your Guide

    • Mermaids

    • Sea Monsters

    • Suggested Activities

  • 4

    Sea Witch Spells & Rituals

    • Sea Witch Spell Jar

    • Heart of the Ocean Healing Candle Spell

    • Ocean Potion Ritual Bath Salts