Grow where you're planted.

This class helps you to connect with your environment to create a refresingly pure magical practice. Work with the herbs, barks, flowers, and spices of your own landscape to enrich your spellcraft by capturing the natural world around you.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Magical Herbalism: Growing Your Roots

  • 2

    Beginner Magical Herbs & Their Uses

  • 3

    Herbal Living: Cultivating a Magical Life

    • Using Herbs in Ritual Bath

    • Goddess Gardening: Your Outdoor Sacred Space

    • Nature Walks & Foraging

    • Flashcards: Unit 3

    • Recommended Activities for This Week

    • Unit 3 Test

  • 4

    Intro to Spell Casting With Herbs

    • Abundance Spell for Personal Growth & Success

    • How to Make an Herbal Incense Wand

    • Simple Protection Tincture

    • Basic Dream Box Spell