Art Magic for Modern Witchcraft

The thread that binds spell craft and art together weaves its way all the way into ancient history.

Egyptian pharaohs believed that art served as the magical contact point between the living and the dead.

The earliest indigenous peoples created strikingly emotive masks and figurines to incorporate in their rituals and magical rites.

The use of art as a medium for magic also plays an important role in modern witchcraft.

All witches are artists---whether they regard themselves that way or not.

Magic is, after all, the art of shaping energy.

In this class, you will learn:

-What is art magic?  

-How to draw inspiration from meditation when you're blocked.

-Timing your projects to the moon cycle to maximize its creative influence on your work.

-How to incorporate the Elements in an intentional way.

-Connecting the natural world to your art.

-Using color to lend power to your projects.

-How to set up an "art altar" to draw inspiration and keep you motivated.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What is art magic?

    • Trailer

    • What is art magic?

    • Your Inspiration Altar

    • Guided Meditation for Artists

    • Suggested Activities

  • 2

    Weaving Magic in the Things You Make

    • Weaving the Threads of Art & Magic

    • Tools of Magic & Art: Correspondences

    • The Elements: Finding the Natural World in Your Medium

    • Color Magic & Art

    • Making Art with the Moon Cycle

    • Suggested Activities

    • Flashcards: Unit 2

    • Quiz: Unit 2

  • 3

    Designing Your Concept

    • 5 Steps to Successful Art Magic

    • Project Prep: Charging Your Tools

    • Photo Magic

    • Potion Paint

    • Vision Boards For Spell Work

    • Suggested Activities